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August 2018

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New Holemaking and Threading Tools
Entry-Level Presetting and Measuring System
Reinventing Workholding Onsite Demos
Multitasking Tooling and Hard Machining Solutions
New Cutting Tool and Tapping Technologies
New Punch Tap Technology Enables 75percent Faster Threading
Valve Seat Inspection System for the Complete Measurement of Cylinder Heads
Tooling System and Advanced Gear Solutions
Fixtureworks to Feature Expanded Product Line
All-in-One Hydraulic Tapping Arm Packages
Closed-Loop Metal Deposition System
New Coolant-Through Micro Toolholders
Shrink Fit and Presetting Machines
Five Minute Chuck Change
New Tool Program for Automatic Lathes
Tooling for Automated Cross Hole Deburring
Quick-Change Workholding Products and Custom Design and Build Capabilities
Trepan on a CNC Mill
Storage Solutions and Remote Support Platform
Quick Change Collet Chuck Series
CrossOver Vise Pneumatic Zero-Point Clamping System and 5-Axis Holding Solutions
High-Speed High-Efficiency Indexable Drilling
Lathe Sub-Spindle Part Unloader
High Performance Drills and End Mills
Cost-Effective Boring of Turbochargers Brake Calipers and More
HOT WIRE HYBRID Multitasking Technology
Fully Automated Workholding Changeover Capabilities
Time Saving Workholding Solutions
Diverse Line-up of Workholding Solutions
Tooling Innovations and Turn-Key Services
Total Broaching Solutions
New Additive Manufacturing System
Five-Sided Machining Vises
Rotary Positioner Includes New Adjustment Plates and Outriggers
Robot Solutions for Fully-Automated Manufacturing
Shank Attachments and Angle Heads
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Shrink Fit and Presetting Machines

Haimer PC Sprint i4.0

Haimer Microset Toolshrink

Haimer TD Preset Microset

Haimer Duo-Lock tools

HAIMER USA will have new products and technologies on display including the network-compatible i4.0 shrink fit machines and Microset presetting machines. HAIMER will also feature an expanded Power Mill solid carbide end mill and Duo-Lock offering with new cutting tool geometries for aluminum and steel, new high-performance clamping options for milling and turning machines and tooling accessories.

Network Compatible Power Clamp i4.0

HAIMER will introduce digital connectivity and communication of tools and machines with its Power Clamp i4.0 series. The i4.0 series is network compatible and Industry 4.0-ready for communication on the shop floor. Tool scanning capabilities allow these shrink fit machines to read and automatically set the shrinking parameters via data-matrix codes now incorporated on all HAIMER shrink chucks. This series offers a new, high-quality design, making shrink fit more intuitive. The patented NG coil makes the i4.0 series suitable for both solid carbide and HSS tools for diameters 1/8" to 1-1/4" (3 to 32 mm). Customized shrinking parameters can even be set if necessary for easier shrinking of non-standard tooling. Each model in the i4.0 series comes with a 7" touch display and a new intuitive software package that provides simplified usability. Features like illustrated functions, clear symbols, larger fonts and a robust color display make for a user-friendly interface.

Microset Presetting and Toolshrink

HAIMER Microset tool presetter range includes entry level machines that are cost-effective for low volume users all the way to fully automated presetting with incorporated HAIMER shrink fit technology, the HAIMER VIO Linear Toolshrink. "The combination of shrinking and presetting with precise length adjustment on the µm scale makes the VIO Linear Toolshrink top of its class," said a HAIMER spokesperson. It is suitable for shops that call for using shrink fit holders, duplicate assemblies or multi-spindle machines. The VIO Linear Toolshrink comes standard with a fully automatic HAIMER induction unit, automatic detection of shrinking parameters, automatic length adjustment within ±10 µm, an extractor and contact cooling. The HAIMER shrink technology permits tool changes of any shrink chuck, regardless of the holder brand.

"Brand new and making its North American debut, the Tool Dynamic Preset machine creates a perfect combination of the Tool Dynamic balancing and Microset UNO Premium presetting machines," said the spokesperson. Integrating HAIMER balancing and presetting technologies allows for high efficiency and time savings by combining two production stages into one seamless operation. The TD Preset Microset utilizes a high precision balancing spindle with HAIMER's adapter system and features a small footprint. The Tool Dynamic Preset Microset is also network-compatible and i4.0-ready with post-processing and RFID integrated technology capabilities. The TD Preset Microset comes equipped with a large 27" touchscreen display for optimized ergonomics and usability.

New Cutting Tool Geometries

HAIMER will introduce new cutting tool geometries for Power Mill and Duo-Lock offerings, including designs for aluminum and mold steels. HAIMER high performance cutting tool technology utilizes unequal flute and helix designs to provide chatter-free high-end machining. All HAIMER cutting tools are made from K20-K40 grade fine grain carbide developed to be complemented by HAIMER toolholders.

Highlights from HAIMER's latest expansion include aluminum 2 and 3 flute end mills available as a solid carbide end mill or as a modular interface (Duo-Lock), 4-10 flute end mills designed for working in steels, and a variety of specialty cutting tools. Specialized cutting tools include a multifunction chamfer spotting tool, 4 and 5 flute roughing mills for steel, a quadrant end mill and ball nose end mills for steel and aluminum, all available as solid carbide end mills or Duo-Lock. Additionally, HAIMER has created a line of high performance solid carbide end mills and Duo-Lock milling heads, Basic Mill, suited for roughing, finishing and drilling.

New Toolholding and Accessories

HAIMER now offers an array of high-performance clamping options for milling and turning machines. New shrink fit and Duo-Lock collets are compatible with ER collet chucks ranging from ER 16 to ER 32 with multiple collet length configurations. The new shrink fit collets can also be used with driven toolholders and are available with optional Cool Jet slots to ensure greater process reliability and coolant delivery.

New HAIMER collets with Duo-Lock threads make it possible to preserve the advantages of the milling tools even when turning. The modular tool interface of Duo-Lock collets delivers enhanced stability and resilience due to its double-cone thread design, which provides high precision and productivity. The Duo-Lock collets are designed with a monoblock structure that offers more stability and high runout accuracy. Duo-Lock milling heads can be changed directly in the machine tool and have a controlled length dimension within ±10 µm, which ensures precise repeatability from one tool change to the next.

The Duo-Lock range also includes solid carbide, heavy metal or steel extensions as well as solid carbide blanks for flexibility in customer geometry design.

Other technologies and products displayed in HAIMER's exhibit will be HAIMER 3D Sensors and the HAIMER Cool Flash coolant delivery system.

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