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Vacuum Workholding Solutions for Flat, Ground Plate

TCI Precision Metals' vacuum workholding solutions are designed for tombstone, pallet changer, rotary table and grinding applications. Standard sizes and custom solutions are available.

TCI Precision Metals' new vacuum workholding solutions are designed to reduce overall production time and improve part holding when using flat stock. The specialized vacuum chucks are available in standard size configurations, but can also be custom produced to support unique customer requirements.

"Vacuum workholding is an ideal solution to secure hard-to-hold parts, and with no clamps, the number of set-ups is reduced," said a company spokesperson. "TCI Precision Metals specializes in making flat, close tolerance, machine-ready blanks and has perfected the vacuum workholding solutions required to hold them."

Each solution is built to last with industrial grade components and hard anodized finish for extended wear. TCI Precision Metals vacuum workholding solutions are suitable for many applications, including vertical and horizontal machining centers, router milling machines, tombstones, pallet changers, grinders and rotary tables.

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