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Selective Laser Melting Technology

A completed titanium spacecraft valve body in the build chamber of the SLM 280. The part stands at over a foot tall and was built continuously over six days with two 400 W lasers.

The SLM 280 metal 3-D printer from SLM Solutions is available with one or two lasers to maximize productivity.

"Well known for the ability to produce fast prototypes, additive manufacturing (AM) is also ideal for building in unique materials and alloys that are difficult to machine - criteria that make it ideal for the aerospace sector," said an SLM Solutions spokesperson. "The freedom of design shifts the paradigm that complexity is expensive and allows parts to be developed for functionality rather than machinability. Low volume parts are also economical to print - also ideal for high-performance aerospace and defense components."

SLM Solutions is participating in AeroDef to showcase all of these benefits of selective laser melting technology to the industry. SLM Solutions metal 3-D printers are available with one, two or four lasers for build time efficiencies up to 70% faster. Further increasing processing speeds is the patented bi-directional powder coating that deposits a new layer of powder in both directions without having to return to a home position. With build chambers up to 22% larger for each class of machine, more or larger parts can also be processed with each build. Closed-loop powder handling also provides for increased user safety and operation.

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