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February 2017

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Advanced Software Support for Mate EasySnap

Striker Systems has announced advanced support for the Mate EasySnap tool in its latest STRIKER CAD/CAM software.

"Mate EasySnap is a unique technology for part retention and separation in CNC punching operations," said a company spokesperson. "It differs from conventional micro-joint tools in that it does not leave a connecting tab. Instead, the tool creates a line of weakness (snap line) in both surfaces of the sheet metal. This allows parts to be snapped free simply by bending along the snap line. The EasySnap lends itself to scrapless part retention and often eliminates secondary deburring operations."

During programming, the part retention technology of the EasySnap requires tool placement that differs from conventional micro-joint tools. Rather than placing two tool hits with the desired tab width between, a single tool hit of the Mate EasySnap can be used. STRIKER CAD/CAM software places the EasySnap automatically on a per-part basis, either across an entire nested sheet or interactively, allowing the programmer to pick the desired EasySnap locations.

For more information contact:

Striker Systems

Div. of Computer Design, Inc.

P.O. Box 41

White House, TN 37188


Mate Precision Tooling

1295 Lund Blvd.

Anoka, MN 55303-1092


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