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New Band Saw Series Features More Rigidity

The HB 460 L, one of the new band saws from KNUTH

KNUTH Machine Tools is set to release a new line of band saws, adding to its 2,000+ product catalog and band saw lineup.

The lineup includes the new ABS-L and HB-L series band saws. Both include many improvements to the previous design, including more torsionally rigid upper saw frames and linear guides, which replace previous designs, providing positive vibration dampening connection to the saw machine base.

The new P.A.S. combination hydraulic flow control valve features infinite controllability of both saw frame feedrate and cutting pressure, allowing for a wide variation of material processing capability.

As with the new "L" machines, every KNUTH band saw has a gear-driven, direct drive beltless blade-drive system. This design delivers approximately 95% of available horsepower and torque to the drive wheel. Because of these features, elimination of blade stalling is now a reality.

The light beam rapid saw frame utilizes an optical sensor to rapidly position the saw blade to just above the material before going into the feedrate.

When it comes to safety, an automatic, movable guide arm ensures the guide will never be in conflict with the material or the movable vise, eliminating potential machine damage and improving operator safety. Every band saw sold in the United States is CE certified. Specific safety features include:

  • Door interlocks on all blade wheel covers, which will automatically shut down the main blade motor if a door is opened during operation
  • Complete band saw blade guarding covers the entire saw blade not in the cutting window, which telescopes in and out with the positioning of the movable guide arm
  • Band saw blade breakage control will shut down the main saw blade drive if the saw blade breaks or is stalled in the material while cutting
  • The hydraulic workpiece pressure system requires a specific minimum pressure before the blade will start, eliminating workpiece pullout due to insufficient vise pressure.

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