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Zero Floor Space Required to Keep Machine Coolant Clean

Keller Products has introduced the compact PFA-0507 dedicated pump/filter unit for removing chips and fines from coolant on a continuous basis. This compact system can be mounted directly to the machine tool. The PFA-0507 can recirculate up to 10 GPM and filter down to 1 micron. If tramp oil removal is required, the Keller TKO-6 unit can be combined with the CLO-1 magnetic mounting bracket. The TKO-6 system can handle up to 180 GPH. It will filter out floating chips as well as remove tramp oil. The patented tramp oil separator can be run whe...

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Improved Stamping Lubricant Performance Test Developed

IRMCO Stamping Lubricants, through a cooperative partnership with Bennett Tool & Die (Nashville, TN), has developed a tool and test method to directly compare stamping lubricant performance prior to use in production. IRMCO's iTOOL cup-draw process measures and compares frictional forces and deformation temperatures of one or more lubricants compared to the incumbent lubricant. Customer-supplied metal blanks are used to evaluate lubricants to assure the closest correlation to actual production conditions experienced in the field. Hous...

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Efficient Removal of Graphite from Metalworking Fluids

"When machining cast iron, chip removal from coolant is only part of the challenge," said a Flow Pro spokesperson. "Graphite released from the machining process quickly fouls traditional filtration media, preventing flow. As a result, concentration of these particles along with the iron particles increases to a point where large volumes of sludge build up in tank bottoms, lines and machine bases, necessitating manual cleaning and shutting down production. Coolant life is reduced and disposal costs escalate. Effective removal of g...

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Hardinge Group Appoints Prosper Machine Tool as Its Dealer

The Hardinge Group has appointed Prosper Machine Tool Sales & Service as its exclusive distributor in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas for all of the Hardinge Group and Bridgeport products. Prosper Machine Tools will assume all responsibilities for sales, service, support and repair parts fulfillment for the full line of all Hardinge brand CNC lathes and mills as well as Bridgeport mills. The Prosper Machine Tools team brings many years of experience in sales, service and applications. "Prosper Machine Tools will continue the growth of...

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Oil-Based Rust Preventative Fluid

Lincoln Electric's RP6 Weldable Rust Preventative Fluid, an oil-based fluid, provides up to six months of indoor corrosion protection by preventing rust on ferrous metals, while not adversely impacting the welding process. RP6 is a solution for welding applications in heavy fabrication, automotive, steel storage and agriculture - any welding application where raw materials may be subject to corrosion prior to welding. A third party testing has verified RP6's weldability. Coated metal samples were welded, scored and X-rayed. The analysis d...

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Brother, Takisawa Technology on Display

Yamazen Inc. will display and showcase machine tool technologies from Brother and Takisawa. The following machines will be exhibited: Brother International Corporation - SPEEDIO compact vertical machining center (VMC) with high speed 27,000 RPM spindle along with the Nachi FLEX-S robotic loading system; R450X1 with 10,000 RPM high torque spindle, standardly equipped with an integrated pallet changer; and the new M140X2 multitasking machine, all featuring the Brother CNC C-00 control. Takisawa Inc. - TS-4000YS opposed twin-spindle ...

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