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CBN Profile Grinding Disc for Internal Gears

Liebherr offers single-, double- and triple-ribbed CBN profile grinding discs. These discs can be used with new grinding head generations IG, OPAL 4.0 and 4.1 for internal grinding. Together with diamond, cubic boron nitride (CBN) is one of the super hard grinding materials. "Both materials offer major enhancements to conventional grinding materials, including corundum and silicon carbide, in terms of hardness," said Janus Siegfried, Head of Tool Production and Technology in Liebherr's Ettlingen, Germany, plant. "There is no n...

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Linking Industrial Production with Digitization

HELLER Machine Tools' Industry 4.0 approach is to enhance transparency of the current machine status, and evaluate the information gained in combination with existing data to allow purposeful diagnostics, yielding better productivity and value for the user. The unchanging objective in production manufacturing is to further increase productivity, creating added value for the customer. That is the reason for continual development of machine tools and for complementing them with optional extensions for added capability. "HELLER has been pr...

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U.S.-Made Alloy Steel Hoist Rings

Jergens Inc. has introduced its new forged line of center pull hoist rings. The compact, high strength construction offers reliable performance and is suitable for OEM and industrial use. Made of alloy steel in the U.S., these open-bail style forged hoist rings are black-oxide coated for use in many different environments. They offer a full 360° swivel and 180° pivot action, with a 5:1 strength factor and load capacity up to 30,000 pounds - proof tested and certified to 200%. Available in inch and metric sizes, the new forged hoist...

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Cisco Connected Factory for Industry 4.0

The machines that make up the modern factory create more than just components: they also create a lot of data. For plant managers, being able to see and act on this data is key. To help plant managers tap into that data, Cisco has introduced three new solutions to its Connected Factory portfolio: Time sensitive networking is now supported on the IE4000 Switch family: This is a new standard that protects the data and ensures mission critical applications are running smoothly on the network. They are designed to work with future applica...

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PFlow Delivers 17,000th Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor

PFlow Industries, Inc., recently sold its 17,000th vertical reciprocating conveyor (VRC) worldwide. Since 1977 PFlow has provided custom design, engineering and building of VRCs for a variety of commercial, industrial and special-use applications, including but not limited to manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and retail. "The inclined lifts we started with were strictly for moving materials to a mezzanine. By clarifying the elevator codes PFlow created the vertical conveyor. PFlow has since built lifts designed for moving loads o...

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Software Controls are the Hub of Networked Production

HEIDENHAIN offers its Connected Machining system of production in which all work steps are networked - from the design to the deliverable component - via the company's TNC control. It can access all order-related information in a company network, enabling efficient exchange of data. HEIDENHAIN's premise is that a workpiece is produced on a machine tool, so all information should be consolidated there and data on the status and quality of a workpiece must flow back into the production IT system. The machinist, who is responsible for the quali...

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