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Weiler to Recreate Fabrication Applications, Showcase Product Solutions

Weiler Abrasives Group will showcase its cutting, grinding and combo wheels at FABTECH, along with its offering of resin fiber discs (RFDs), flap discs and more. Each product has been selected to provide enhanced performance and improve productivity in metal fabrication. Weiler will also recreate multiple fabrication applications at the booth. Each will feature recommended products designed to provide efficient cutting, grinding and cleaning results for a specific end market. "Weiler representatives will be available to discuss how each...

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Four kW Fiber Laser Robotic Welding System

Amada's fiber laser welder (FLW) is a complete welding solution that is equipped with a unique processing head, offline programming capabilities and productivity-enhancing features. Amada's fiber laser technology provides process range expansion (PRE) by providing precise, high-speed results even when processing reflective materials such as brass and copper. The FLW is equipped with a patented rotating lens. With this feature, the laser beam is no longer aligned with a specific point along the target path-instead it circles within a small...

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Upgraded UnderLoop SpaceSaver Feedline

Dallas Industries, a manufacturer of press feeding equipment, will feature its upgraded and enhanced UnderLoop SpaceSaver at FABTECH 2018. Dallas will team up with Aida-America to display this new feed line running coil on an Aida NSF-series servo press. The newly upgraded UnderLoop SpaceSaver feed line design consists of a reconfigured threading system featuring a servo-driven synthetic tension roll, UnderLoop lower threading table and rocker-arm, de-bending assembly. Also included are powered coil guide rolls designed to eliminate the need...

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Robots for High-Speed Welding to Boost Productivity

Designed specifically for arc welding applications, the new AR-series 6-axis robots offer optimized acceleration/deceleration control for all robot axes, resulting in overall improved productivity. These high-performance robots are available with 8-25 kg payload capacity in order to support a wide variety of sensors and torches for welding application flexibility. The AR-series robots are designed to offer the high payload, fast speed and high wrist allowable moment in their class. Advanced, intuitive programming functions, such as High-Spee...

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Joining Aluminum Sheet Materials

Coldwater Machine Company will be highlighting its SpotMeld system, focusing on the joining of aluminum sheet materials. SpotMeld is a refill friction stir spot weld (RFSSW) solution that can weld lightweight materials such as aluminum (1000 - 7000 series), magnesium, non-ferrous and dissimilar sheet material. It provides an alternative to single-point joining processes like resistance spot welding, laser welding and riveting without adding additional weight to the structure, and its produces a weld that is near original material strength. T...

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50 Taper Heavy-Duty Box Way HBM

CNC Systems offers a solution for the horizontal boring mill (HBM) market with the Feeler SHB Series. Both the 110 mm and 130 mm bar diameters (with up to 900 mm W-axis travel) will be available from both inventory and special order. US-available features, i.e. 50 HP (optional: 4-step gear box with 7,000 Nm), linear scales (X-, Y- and Z-axis), +/-2.5 arc-sec encoder B-axis, Table - Auto Lock Pin System ~ every 90° with double helical gear drive to eliminate backlash, FANUC CNC controls, full guarding - for 1,000 PSI coolant through the ...

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