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Coating to Increase Carbide Tool Life

The thin brass coating helps to increase the life of the carbide tool, resulting in increased production runs.

When using a wire EDM on carbide, the cobalt will start to break down due to oxidation caused by the dielectric fluid even while the EDM is not in use. In order to reduce oxidation of the carbide tool, Seibu's EL Coating applies a thin layer of brass wire onto the carbide during the final trim pass. This thin layer of brass helps to protect the carbide's cobalt from the oxygen ions located in the dielectric fluid. If the cobalt is not protected after the final EDM skim pass, it is attacked by the oxygen ions.

Carbide is a hard material used to produce stamping and drawing dies. "A carbide part that has been protected with Seibu's EL Coating results in longer tool life and more parts being produced," said a company spokesperson. To activate the EL Coating a simple M-code is added to the CNC program.

EL Coating is easy to use and is available on all Seibu high precision wire EDMs.

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