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February 2017

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CNC Programming Software for Operations Planning, Training, Sales

In Sinutrain version 4.7, Siemens has simplified its Windows PC-based offline programming software for machine tools and equipped it with new, practical functions.

Sinutrain is a Windows-based, control-identical operation and programming station for machine tools equipped with Sinumerik CNCs. Sinutrain is used for operations planning, training and sales. Manufacturing companies can use the software in their operations planning to program and simulate the next order offline in advance, on a computer - without occupying costly machine tool time. CNC programming is practiced in training exactly in the same manner as on real machines. The field sales force of machine and control manufacturers simply need laptops to demonstrate machine tool processes to customers. Sinutrain has the same Sinumerik Operate graphical user interface as Sinumerik controls, so employees can work in the same engineering environment, both offline and directly on the machine.

With Sinutrain version 4.7, Siemens Machine Tool Systems simplified its Windows PC-based offline programming software for machine tools and equipped it with new, practical functions. For example, in the new workbench interface, the previous selection list has been replaced by a clear home page with animated images. This enables the user to quickly obtain an overview simulating a virtual machine shop. The machine operator simply clicks on the desired machine to select it and is immediately taken to the correct programming interface for the required NC program, whether a job shop-oriented ShopMill/ShopTurn machining step program, cycle-supporting programGuide G-code language or the relevant DIN and ISO commands.

The newly integrated DXF (Drawing Interchange File Format) reader in Sinutrain 4.7 simplifies both the exchange of data with CAD systems and the program creation. CAD data is input with a few clicks and part programs are created even more quickly. The possibilities of creating new machine tools have also been improved. As an option, the IBN (commissioning) archive can now be input directly from existing machine tools, making the data stored in the CNC also available in Sinutrain. For example, manufacturers' cycles, including cycle images from machine tool builders, can be copied from the real machine into Sinutrain.

The standard machining process templates are also expanded in Sinutrain 4.7. Users can quickly create executable programs, e.g. for turning and milling machines. These functions include not only turning with or without a counter-spindle, but also 3- to 5-axis milling, and also combined milling-turning. Such functionality enables part programs to be created easily - irrespective of their size, power or machine tool builder.

Another feature available for the first time is the free basic version of Sinutrain 4.7 without any run-time restrictions. Sinutrain Basic is useful for sales and basic training. For example, 3-axis milling or 2-axis turning part programs from demo machines can be transferred to and executed on the appropriate machining centers in the same way as in the full version of Sinutrain 4.7. There are also special training packages for schools, with additional student licenses and programming manuals available from Siemens.

For more information contact:

John Meyer

Siemens Industry, Inc.

Drive Technologies - Motion Control

390 Kent Avenue

Elk Grove Village, IL 60007


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