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Software Offers CAM Innovations

OPEN MIND will debut hyperMILL 2017.1 at Aerodef 2017 in booth 523. The CAM software covers 2.5-D through 5-axis milling and drilling, mill-turn and specialty applications.

Highlights in this release include enhancements to the patented MAXX Machining finishing module, allowing combined semi-finish and finish passes and providing the user with more control over the contact point location on the conical barrel cutter. The MAXX Machining finishing module utilizes conical barrel cutters to allow very large step-overs, while short cutters are used to achieve optimal machining results on planar and large radius of curvature surfaces.

A new adaptive pocketing routine is provided as an extension to the Optimized Roughing cycle. With this option, hyperMILL identifies embedded circles or rectangles within general pocket shapes. These regions are machined in an optimized manner and remaining regions are treated as automatic rest areas. Toolpath motion is improved and machining cycle times are reduced, minimizing hard motions on the machine tool and extending service life.

Other enhancements include turning with chip break, simplifications to define turning tools and reference points; in milling automation of swarf drive surfaces with easily controlled corner fillets, and precise modeling of high-feed mills and other specialty cutters.

hyperMILL is available standalone with hyperCAD-S CAD for CAM or integrated in SolidWorks or Autodesk Inventor.

For more information contact:

Alan Levine

OPEN MIND Technologies USA, Inc.

1492 Highland Ave., Unit 3

Needham, MA 02492

888-516-1232 / 339-225-4557

AeroDef 2017 Booth 523

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