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Caron Engineering Appoints Service Department Manager

Weston Springer

Caron Engineering has announced that Weston Springer has been promoted to Service Department Manager. Caron Engineering has employed Springer since January 1997.

Springer was originally hired as a shop technician and spent his initial years building TMAC systems. He then began training as a service technician while taking night classes in industrial electricity. "It did not take long before Springer was installing systems and training customers as a certified CEI Service Technician, a position where he excelled for almost 15 years," said a company spokesperson. "In 2010, Caron Engineering started to undergo a rapid growth spurt, which triggered a demand for an in-house technician to handle product testing and technical support. Springer's product expertise and long-term commitment to Caron Engineering earned him the in-house position as Service Coordinator in 2014."

Now, considering his knowledge of the products and leadership skills, Springer has been promoted to Service Department Manager at Caron Engineering. As Service Department Manager, he will be responsible for scheduling and training the service department and managing all in-house product assembly and testing.

For more information contact:

Caron Engineering, Inc.

1931 Sanford Rd.

Wells, ME 04090


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