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Caron Engineering Announces New Product Features

Caron Engineering's booth at HOUSTEX 2017 will include a custom kiosk running demonstrations of its entire product line. Together, with Caron Engineering's new Texas integrator, Wolfram Manufacturing, they will highlight the newest Caron Engineering product features.

Caron Engineering's TMAC (Tool Monitoring Adaptive Control) monitors tool wear and breakage, with immediate machine stop and retract when a tool breaks to minimize damage. TMAC is designed for unattended operation. TMAC adaptive control monitors power and automatically adjusts the feedrate to maintain a constant tool load. Additionally, TMAC can monitor vibration, strain, coolant pressure, coolant flow and spindle speed.

TMAC has the added capability of running spindle bearing analysis. The Caron Engineering vibration sensor is attached to the spindle, hardwired to TMAC and the analysis is initiated through CNC part program.

The vibration signal is analyzed for acceleration, which tells the health of the bearings and velocity which detects misalignment imbalance, and looseness. "Results are generated within 5 seconds and TMAC saves reports to a file for analysis," said a company spokesperson.

Likewise, Caron Engineering's newest product DTect-IT, released in 2016, has enhanced product features. This product was initially developed to detect excessive barfeeder vibration from a bent bar, but is capable of detecting vibration irregularities anywhere on a CNC machine tool or fixture. In addition to vibration monitoring, DTect-IT can monitor small amounts of force or anything with a 0-10 VDC signal through the connection of an analog sensor.

The latest features for DTect-IT include a built-in audio sensor, which records from any audio device on the DTect-IT Windows PC and graphs the data. DTect-IT also offers a new Data Collection analysis mode. This provides the added capability to collect raw data from any DTect-IT sensor, up to 62,500 data points per second. This marks the fourth analysis mode for DTect-IT, along with Limit Analysis, Bearing Analysis and Fault Detection.

The kiosk will show Caron Engineering's AutoComp software, which processes gauge data and automatically adjusts tool offsets to the CNC control, for error free tooling control; and Tool Connect, which automates the transfer of tool presetter data from RFID tags in toolholders to the CNC control. Lastly, the kiosk will be equipped with a CEI Smart Light system, which provides assessment of a part's progress on a CNC machine.

For more information contact:

Caron Engineering, Inc.

1931 Sanford Rd.

Wells, ME 04090


HOUSTEX 2017 Booth #2112

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