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Turning Centers to be Demonstrated

PD Browne HOUSTEX ST-80GX.tif: Johnford ST-80GX Slant Bed Turning Center

PD Browne HOUSTEX AH-06.tif: You Ji AH-06 CNC Turning Center

P.D. Browne South will present the You Ji AH-06 CNC turning center and Johnford ST-80GX slant bed turning center at HOUSTEX 2017.

You Ji AH-06

The You Ji AH-06 was designed to provide a direct replacement for popular heavy-duty CNC turning centers manufactured in the 1980s. The You Ji features a one piece 45° slant bed casting, with shortest bed length weighing nearly 40,000 lbs. Bed lengths start at 40" and go up to 160". To both enhance operator accessibility and add mass to the saddle assembly, the cross slide is at a 55° angle. Widely spaced box ways in both axes, with hand scraped Turcite-B applied to mating surfaces, provide enhanced cutting performance and precise positioning. Large diameter precision ballscrews (2.5" in the Z-axis) and high power FANUC servo motors deliver high axis thrust for heavy turning, boring and drilling.

You Ji's spindle uses two sets of double row roller bearings for radial loads and a pair of angular contact bearing for axis loads to provide increased strength and precision. The spindle is housed in an all-geared headstock. The three-speed geared head is equipped with an oil chiller unit to maintain thermal stability. A 60 HP FANUC motor driving the spindle through the three-speed gearbox provides torque of 3,154 ft-lbs. at 100 RPM.

The AH-06 features a 12-station hydraulically actuated and clamped turret. The 6.5" thick turret tool disk houses 1.25" square shank turning tools and boring bars up to 3".

Other features include a coolant tank that is separated from the machine base to prevent heat transfer from the coolant to the machine casting. This helps to ensure precision and promote easy cleaning and maintenance. Standard features include an extra wide high-capacity chip conveyor, programmable tailstock, oil skimmer and the fully loaded FANUC OiT-F control with 10.4" LCD and Manual Guide i conversational programming.

Johnford ST-80GX

The Johnford ST-80GX turning center is a heavy-duty, high precision CNC machine cast from Meehanite iron. It features a 50 HP spindle motor and 4-speed gear box. The one piece 60° slant bed features a torque tube design. The torque tube, or hole, cast through the center of the slant bed provides a rigid bed and enhanced heat dissipation. The square box ways provide rigidity for heavy-duty turning. Hand scraped Turcite-B applied to all mating sliding surfaces helps ensure high rapid traverse rates and accurate positioning. Offering precision and thermal stability, the headstock, tailstock and saddle are all mounted on the same plane at a 60° angle.

The coolant tank is separate from the machine base to prevent heat transfer from the coolant to the machine casting, which promotes precision and easy cleaning and maintenance. To further enhance accuracy and precision, the ballscrews are double nut type and pretensioned to eliminate thermal growth.

The precision spindle structure with an extra-large hole uses Timken roller bearings for rigidity and accuracy. The spindle quill inner and outer linings are precision ground for fit with the spindle, providing increased concentricity and accuracy. The spindle is driven by a 50 HP high torque motor that provides plenty of power to the A2-20 spindle. For applications requiring high torque at low RPM, a four-speed gear box is standard. A 60 HP spindle motor is also available for high power cutting.

A 12 station bi-directional turret, or optional BMT servo live turret, provides 0.5 second indexing and coolant through the toolholders. A full C-axis with live tools is available for applications requiring milling operations. FANUC controls are standard for performance and reliability.

For more information contact:

P.D. Browne South, Inc.

440 Benmar Drive #3150

Houston, TX 77060


HOUSTEX Booth #2521

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