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Centerline Drilling Machines for Oil/Gas

UNISIG will highlight the capabilities of its B-Series ball screw feed and rack and pinion feed style machines in booth 2920 at HOUSTEX 2017.

The machines perform BTA deep hole drilling, trepanning and counterboring for on-center holes at extreme depth-to-diameter ratios on long cylindrical workpieces, such as equipment for oilfield exploration or downhole exploration. B-Series machines can also be configured to perform bottle boring, which is commonly used in the oil and gas industry to process nozzles, flowmeters and valves.

Within the B-Series, UNISIG offers five ball screw-style machines that drill holes up to 20' deep. These machines feature heavy, durable construction with precision ground roller guides and easy-to-use conversational controls. They are designed for job shop or high production use to complete high power, large diameter drilling, as well as accurate and complex multiple-step bores.

UNISIG also offers seven B-Series machines with rack and pinion feeds that are capable of centerline drilling up to 65' deep. These machines feature a heavy cast iron bed and precision ground hardened guideways to help ensure accuracy in drilling. "CNC controls and a wide variety of available modular accessories allow easy and fast set-ups as well as effective drilling of long and heavy workpieces," said a company spokesperson.

The B850 is the newest rack and pinion machine and incorporates recently developed technologies designed to improve performance while reducing cost in larger B-Series machines. The feed systems were modernized to improve rigidity and reduce backlash, and a new high-performance helical-geared transmission was incorporated in a three-range, automatically shifting headstock. "Incorporation of modern gearing and power train concepts simplified construction of the machine, reducing cost and boosting reliability and performance. These advances are now standard in all larger models," said the spokesperson.

"As with all of its equipment, UNISIG engineers and manufactures the B-series in the United States with high-performance components," continued the spokesperson. "Machines are provided with all necessary durable tooling and machine accessories." UNISIG provides comprehensive training for machine operation and process optimization, as well as post-installation technical support.

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