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Programmable Automatic High-Speed Non-Ferrous Circular Saw

The new KMT model CT350A-NC-NM is a programmable automatic high-speed non-ferrous circular saw in a non-mitering version of the company's model CT350A-NC saw.

The model CT350A-NC-NM is easy to program. The operator digitally enters the length to be cut. This increases the set-up accuracy and eliminates the need to fine-tune after the initial cuts. For lengths longer than 20" (one stroke) the machine automatically does the math eliminating the need to calculate how many feeds and what the kerf removal must be. Plus, the saw can run multiple lengths out of the same bar without stopping operation to change the length (25 pieces at 10" long, followed by 50 pieces at 12" long, etc.).

The CT350A-NC-NM saw features a control system that stores frequently run jobs, by part number or name. This allows instant set-up of certain parameters (length, quantity of pieces, blade speed, saw frame travel up and down). In addition the machine will optimize the material, called the Loop function. Simply enter the optimum material usage from a single bar and the machine will produce this sequence, then that sequence will be duplicated on all subsequent bars.

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