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Large Capacity 5-Axis EDM Drilling Machine

Current EDM, Inc. (CEI) has introduced the Current EDM Model RT3038-5A EDM Drilling Machine. Built to meet exacting standards, the gantry style RT3038-5A is suitable for aero engine and powergen manufacturing. The RT3038 features the SIEMENS 840Dsl control. Depending on the application, a 25 peak-amp (0.006" ~ 0.080" dia. electrodes) or 57 peak-amp (0.008" ~ 0.256" dia. electrodes) power supply is available. XYZ travels are 30" x 38" x 24" with a large work envelope and a Nikken 5-axis CNC table.

CEI recently upgraded the SIEMENS 840Dsl control and software to handle tough EDM drilling applications, including 3-D Shape Capability. Features include expandable memory, program power settings and referencing cycles to simplify complex programming. Multi-level program lockout protects process data from unwanted changes. Enhanced break-through detection helps to ensure accurate and consistent depth control. Precision ball screws, high-torque SIEMENS motors and absolute encoders are used to provide precise positioning. The RT3038-5A is configured with a precision Nikken AB Table System and a 24-station tool changer and six-station guide changer. "Teach Pendant" software enables programming and operation from the pendant.

Power supply upgrades help to enable drilling with less side-wear at the tip of the electrode resulting in more consistent depth, diameter and faster drilling times. The Automatic Electrode Changer has been upgraded to speed electrode exchanges and optimize electrode usage. The enhanced programmable servo control, with advanced gap sensing, improves drilling stability and reduces electrode flexing, especially when using long, small diameter electrodes.

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