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New U-Axis Contouring Head Module for ESPRIT CAM

A new add-in for ESPRIT CAM developed by MTTS creates a unified programming environment inside ESPRIT CAM for programming contouring heads. A contouring head transforms a milling center's spindle motion into radial cutting edge motion. In other words, a U-axis contouring head has the unique ability to perform turning operations on a mill without rotating the part.

"U-axis turning makes it possible to machine large unbalanced parts like valve bodies in a single, continuous cut, with the workpiece firmly clamped in place. This type of machining has its unique challenges since most CAM systems are not designed to output turning programs for milling machines," said Danny Greer, President, MTTS II, LLC.

The MTTS U-Axis Module lets a manufacturer program a milling machine and contouring head in one set-up inside ESPRIT CAM. The U-Axis Module addresses all axes to output a single NC program. ESPRIT's simulation will display and run collision checking on the program in a single process. The U-Axis Module saves time by avoiding multiple machine and part set-ups.

The U-Axis Module for contouring heads works on any U-Axis contouring head machine: either factory integrated like Trevisan horizontal machining centers, Fives Giddings & Lewis, Niigata HN-FS series or 3rd party bolt-on heads such as ITS contouring heads, Cogsdill ZX Systems, MAG Systems, D'Andrea U-Tronic boring and facing heads and more. Programmers can prove out and run parts sooner because everything needed is included in the module. "MTTS always guarantees Post Processors will work as intended," said Greer.

MTTS sells and supports software products for the manufacturing industry. "As the first authorized ESPRIT CAM software reseller in the United States, MTTS has been committed to maximizing shop floor productivity since 1985," said Greer. "With locations in Dallas and Houston, MTTS offers sales, support, training and automation services for software products that work together seamlessly to give manufacturers a competitive advantage."

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