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Fully Automated Cross-Cutting Saw System

The New TigerSaw 2000 from TigerStop

TigerStop recently unveiled the new TigerSaw 2000, a fully automated cross-cutting saw system with an adjustable cutting envelope, pneumatic clamping and a patent-pending innovative spray mist coolant that follows the saw blade for improved cut quality. TigerSaw 2000 is designed for use on all non-ferrous materials such as aluminum.

"Made in the U.S., the TigerSaw 2000's rugged construction pairs a 350 mm, 450 mm or 500 mm saw with an accurate, powerful pusher system that ensures finished-part cut quality," said a company spokesperson. "It incorporates fast, precise, automated cutting software to help achieve maximum yield by nesting the parts to be cut. The TigerSaw 2000 incorporates a number of new features: an adjustable cutting envelope that can accommodate various saw blade sizes, pneumatic clamping both vertical and horizontal for handling delicate material, an air over oil system for improved cut quality and a patent-pending lube spray coolant device which follows the blade delivering lubrication at the cut point for increased blade life and cut quality. The new TigerSaw 2000 is an ideal choice for cutting aluminum and pack sawing."

TigerSaw 2000 performs cross-cutting automation and material optimization, both of which are functions usually only attributed to larger systems, this means smaller companies can afford the performance and efficiency standards of much larger manufacturers.

"TigerSaw 2000 is designed to greatly increase yield, speed and accuracy," said Spencer Dick, TigerStop Founder and President. "It includes some real innovative improvements like an adjustable cutting envelope with best-in-class capacity, and pneumatic, material horizontal clamping."

"TigerSaw 2000 automates the entire cross-cutting process with a system that is fast and accurate," said a company spokesperson. "Pair that with the optional touchscreen tablet, Tiger Touch, which runs on a Surface Pro 3 and you have an interface that is intuitive and easy to train employees on using."

TigerSaw 2000 Features:

  • Adjustable cutting envelope: pack sawing of different sizes, shapes and various profiles are easily accommodated from 5" x 5" to 1" x 15" envelopes with 450 mm blade or 6" x 6" to 1" x 16" with 500 mmm blade
  • Air over oil cylinder: for a smooth, powerful cut with a great finish
  • Patent pending lube spray that follows the blade and improves cut quality, blade life and produces dry chips
  • Fully automatic, pneumatic clamping in both vertical and horizontal positions available: no more time-consuming manual adjustments and the clamps are capable of holding various profiles
  • Centralized pneumatic adjustment point: operators can easily adjust saw stroke speed, pneumatic clamping speed, lube mist volume and more
  • Push up to 2,100 lbs.: TigerSaw 2000 can be configured to push, heavy material or smaller, lighter material
  • Part list downloading: directly download parts lists from virtually any ERP system including a simple spreadsheet
  • TigerTouch touchscreen control: simple and intuitive interface will improve operator performance and material yield
  • Crayon defect marking: Simply mark the beginning and end of defects on material. The TigerSaw 2000 will cut around the defects and optimize all the material in between to get the best yield from the cut list
  • Inkjet print directly on cut parts or on printed labels.

For more information contact:

TigerStop, LLC

12909 NE 95th Street

Vancouver, WA 98682


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