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February 2017

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Measurement Software for Advanced Surface Analysis

Verisurf Software displays real-time tolerance deviations, in color, between the CAD model and physical part being scanned and inspected.

Verisurf Software, Inc. has announced Verisurf 2017, the latest release of its measurement software for advanced surface analysis, quality inspection, assembly guidance and reverse engineering. The new release includes many enhancements and added capabilities. The Verisurf user interface (UI) has been reorganized with updated icons and enhanced tooltips to streamline workflow, make applications easier to learn and maintain compliance with the latest Windows standards. Programmers can now create custom apps using common programming languages with the rollout of Verisurf SDK. Power Surface has the ability to fills holes or fit CAD surfaces through point clouds and meshes with fine-tuning control.

There are many added-features and enhancements in the new Verisurf 2017 release such as:

  • New UI - A reorganized UI features new icons, expanded pop-up tooltips and improved dialogs consistent with current Windows standards and in a manner that streamlines common metrology workflows and makes Verisurf easier to learn.
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) - Verisurf 2017 includes a SDK that allows programmers to create custom external applications in common programming languages with programmatic access to Verisurf features and functions. Apps can run locally, over intranets or the public internet with Verisurf running minimized or as a background process. Verisurf SDK can streamline sequences of Verisurf tasks and is suitable for manufacturing organizations that need to inspect large volumes of the same part or assembly on an ongoing basis.
  • Power Surface - A new Verisurf capability that fills holes in CAD models with arbitrary boundaries and fits a CAD surface through point clouds or meshes. Power Surface includes an extensive set of fine-tuning controls that provide the user with flexibility over resulting surface profiles and boundaries. Power Surface displays statistical metrics characterizing the quality and fit of surfaces created. Power Surface helps to improve the ability of operators to accelerate the creation of high-quality, solid models from scan data, mesh data or derived from existing CAD models.
  • Scan Data Management Enhancements - Verisurf 2017 includes new, granular settings for the collection and display of scan data, including: Max scan rate, Max scan inspect rate and Max scan angle. Users can assign a color based on the angle between the scanner and the part to assess scan data quality and filter out scan data in areas where point clouds overlap.

The new Verisurf software functionality and added features are designed to make stationery coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), portable CMMs and 3-D scanners more productive for automated inspection, guided assembly and reverse engineering.

For more information contact:

Verisurf Software, Inc.

4907 E. Landon Dr.

Anaheim, CA 92807

888-713-7201 / 714-970-1683

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