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One-Minute Jaw Changeover Featured in New Kurt DoveLock Quick Change Jaw System

"Seeing is believing - in just one minute, machinists change vise jaws with ±0.001 repeatable accuracy. Changing the Kurt DoveLock jaw set-ups is fast, simple, precise and reduces jaw change time by 90%," said a company spokesperson. Watch video here:

DoveLock consists of a master jaw with built in, specially designed dovetail quick clamps. The quick clamps are designed to precisely hold and lock into position the quick change machinable jaws. In the initial set-up, each master jaw has two bolts that fasten easily to the stationary movable jaw of any standard 6-inch Kurt vise or standard Kurt Cluster Tower. Once the master jaw(s) are in place, the machinable jaws locate precisely with the master jaw and quickly lock up using the machinable jaw's three hex head bolts.

This video shows how DoveLock's machinable jaws swap out easily in 60 seconds for job changeovers. Simply loosen the three quick clamp bolts at the top of the master jaw and sliding it forward at an angle or sideways out of the master jaw.

Another unique feature to the DoveLock is that the machinable jaws can be rotated 180° and machined on both sides for holding two different parts. Without measuring, DoveLock's workstop located on the master jaw, allows for quick and repeatable workpiece location accurate to ±0.001".

The DoveLock jaw systems present major productivity improvements where just one vise or dozens are used in a manufacturing setting. Once machinists see how much faster they can change jobs, this often leads to a shop-wide adoption of the DoveLock system.

DoveLock is ideal for both single and double station vises and towers used on both horizontal and vertical machining centers. The DoveLock system provides machine operators the needed versatility to move quickly from one job to the next. Vises and tombstones stay in place on machining centers. Only the jaw plates are changed saving potentially hundreds of minutes per day across an entire machining facility.

To handle a full range of part sizes, DoveLock interchangeable jaws are available in 4-, 6- and 8-inch widths. Complete starter master jaw kits are available as well as individual machinable jaw kits. Learn more at

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