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Tool Balancing Machine

REGO-FIX, a manufacturer of Swiss precision tooling, and Schenck Corporation, global manufacturer of industrial balancing machines, have collaborated to offer a solution for accurate balancing of a broad range of toolholders, including those from REGO-FIX.

New developments in tooling materials and machines have led to the ability to cut parts at much higher spindle speeds. This capability, in turn, spurs the need for more frequent balancing of spindles and tools to maintain surface quality and precision as well as maximize tool life. "With the permanently calibrated Tooldyne Balancing Machine, operators can quickly achieve fine balancing and high-precision results while increasing productivity by eliminating the need for calibration runs," said a company spokesperson.

"The Tooldyne Balancing Machine features a compact, mineral casting housing that dampens vibrations up to 10 times more effectively than does grey cast iron and makes the machine substantially less sensitive against outside influences," said the spokesperson. The machine's ergonomic design includes an ideal working height, accessible storage container for the tool adaptor and a protective see-through cover over the measuring unit for operator safety.

"The Tooldyne Balancing Machine is designed to be easy to operate. A laser-marked spindle scale ensures accurate positioning, and a logical operating concept with easy-to-understand touchscreen displays allow for quick, simple and direct input of all data," said the spokesperson.

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