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Shrink-Fit System Features Special Stainless Steel Alloy

The MST SLIMLINE is a compact shrink-fit system that features a special stainless steel alloy with a coefficient thermal expansion 60% greater than H13, the standard material used for most shrink-fit toolholders.

The MST SLIMLINE Shrink-fit system requires less than 400 °C (750 °F) to execute the shrink-fit process, a temperature range that will not affect the physical properties of the cutting material. In contrast, the commonly used H13 material requires approximately 700 °C (1,300 °F), a heat range that may affect the material's physical properties. Excessive temperature becomes even more critical for smaller carbide tools, especially those with diameters smaller than 1/4".

The strength of SLIMLINE'S material makes possible a wall thickness of .059" with 3° taper angle for interference-free cutting. The slender MST SLIMLINE enables machining in extremely tight spaces.

The low-interference SLIMLINE system combines high-speed capability with exceptional accuracy: .00012" TIR at 4x diameter for most models. And SLIMLINE requires only inexpensive heating devices with industrial hot air guns for the shrink-fit process.

The MST SLIMLINE Shrink-fit System is also available in integral models, including a curved design for 5-axis applications with regular and slim designs in various lengths and shank types.

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