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New Generation of Software for Tool Lifecycle Management

Start screen of TDM Global Line

TDM Systems is taking the next logical step to its Lifecycle Management strategy with the introduction of the newest generation of its software, entitled TDM next generation.

TDM next generation enables both entry-level options and highly integrated, global system integrations with enhanced performance features including worldwide networking and easy scalability, helping users implement Industry 4.0 requirements.

TDM next generation is a highly evolved platform that is capable of handling the operation of all existing TDM modules as well as TDM Global Line modules simultaneously. It allows customers to completely overhaul and update their TDM software without a complicated system change. Additional advantages include simplified interface handling, easy use of on-demand and browser-based solutions and the combined use of standard and engineering solutions.

The release of TDM next generation also provides for: first-class graphical 3-D tool assembling; TDMsearch - a new innovative standard for tool searches; TDMcheck - analyses data and processes in TDM suggesting potential improvements; an intelligent data concept that allows for new data to be imported independently of the software version, ensuring maximum flexibility and TDMimport - targeted, automated import of tool data from a variety of sources, both external and from legacy databases.

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