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May 2017

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Hyundai Motor Group Investing in the USA
Racing Manufacturer Opens Waterjet Job Shop Extends Customer Base
KBDM Face Milling Platform for Automotive Aluminum
Ultra Compact HMC Reduces Floor Space by 20percent
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Metal 3-D Printing Pushes the Boundaries in Moto2
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Partnership Brings AM to Formula 1
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Racing Manufacturer Opens Waterjet Job Shop, Extends Customer Base

Mike Murray, Owner of Murrco Fabrication in Franklin, TN, has expanded his business and entered new markets with a Jet Edge waterjet cutting system.

A full-featured pendant allows Mike Murray to get closer to his projects without losing functionality.

Waterjet cutting precision aluminum parts

Mike Murray inspects an aluminum part cut on the Jet Edge waterjet.

Mike Murrary drove his #48 Chevrolet in the 2016 Nashville 400 with sponsorship from Jet Edge, Choice Waterjet, DTI and IGEMS. He raced in the 100-lap late model race.

The Murray racing team includes Crew Chief Matthew Murray, Chief Engineer Michael Murray and their dad, driver Mike Murray.

For years Murrco Fabrication's competition pit boxes have been the go-to tool cart for Saturday night racers. Now the Nashville area metal fabricator is extending its business beyond the motorsports industry with the opening of a new waterjet job shop cutting service.

"Since launching its waterjet cutting service in August 2016, Murrco has fast become the waterjet shop of choice for Nashville area home builders trying to keep pace with the city's roaring housing boom," said a company spokesperson. "Murrco has been running its waterjet at a fast pace cutting primarily ornamental iron products, including handrails, custom mailboxes, street signs and much more. The company also is cutting a variety of racecar parts for local teams, as well as parts for its Murrco signature pit boxes."

Murrco equipped its waterjet shop with a new industrial CNC waterjet cutting system built by Jet Edge. The Jet Edge machine is capable of cutting precision parts from virtually any material and can accommodate sheet sizes up to 5' x 13'. It cuts parts with a 55,000 PSI supersonic jet of water mixed with garnet abrasive, leaving a sanded smooth edge with no burrs, slag or heat affected zone (HAZ). Murrco powers its waterjet with a Jet Edge hydraulic intensifier pump. It fitted its waterjet system with IGEMS waterjet software for optimal CAD/CAM/nesting performance, and is using dtiCORE diamond orifices and diamond guard filters from Diamond Technology Innovations (DTI). "When paired with a Diamond Guard Filter, dtiCORE Diamonds maximize cut quality and eliminate unnecessary down time to achieve increased reliability," said the spokesperson.

Mike Murray, Murrco's President/Owner, decided to add waterjet cutting services to his one-man fab shop after noticing a growing demand for the service from his customer base, which had already grown beyond the racing industry due to Murrco's reputation for quality, service and fair pricing.

"The waterjet service market is booming and I wanted to get involved and establish myself and my company as a waterjet service provider," Murray said. "I plan on using my Jet Edge waterjet to provide quality and accurate parts and products in a job shop environment. As time goes on, I am sure some new products will be added to Murrco's racing product line. Production type work in the motorsports industry is the goal."

Waterjet's ability to cut an endless array of materials and its reach into multiple industries were very attractive to Murray, whose business sustained the Great Recession and is now benefitting from the rebounding economy.

"Having waterjet cutting services in-house opens up a wide array of possibilities and new markets for Murrco," Murray said. "I have cut parts from aluminum, mild steel, graphite and wood. The thickest I have cut has been 2 inch thick mild steel, and it was amazing how well the finished product turned out."

While Murrco's waterjet shop has been keeping Murray busy, he still finds time to trade his shop apron for a fire suit. Murray races in several late model competitions, including the All-American 400 in Nashville, where he drove his #48 Chevrolet with sponsorship from Jet Edge, Choice Waterjet, DTI and IGEMS in the 100-lap late model race. Racing is a family sport for the Murrays, with son Michael serving as Chief Engineer and Matthew serving as Crew Chief.

"I have been involved in racing for about 40 years," Murray said, noting that he also plans to use his waterjet to help improve his team's performance on the racetrack. "We are excited to have Jet Edge on our team," he continued. "Having a waterjet broadens our imagination of the things that we can make in house for the car."

For more information contact:

Murrco Fabrication Inc.


Jet Edge, Inc.

12070 43rd St. NE

St. Michael, MN 55376

800-JET-EDGE / 763-497-8700

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