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Machine Tool Potential Maximized with Robots

KUKA Robotics offers a brochure on "How robots optimize machine tools." The brochure explains how increased productivity can help shop owners and operators perform other tasks while the machine tool is being tended by the robot. The robot can help master small workpieces and complex machining operations and can improve part quality.

KUKA robots can be programmed for flexibility in machining small batches to large batches. KUKA reports that a manufacturer can see 17% shorter machining times. Plus, the robot can facilitate lights-out manufacturing.

The KUKA robot control is designed for ease of programming and set-up. The Zenon HMI software package has a simple user interface and can be created on the touchscreen of the KUKA smartPAD. The robot can be programmed like a machine tool with G-code, simulate the process and execute the process on the robot.

For more information contact:

KUKA Robotics Corporation

51870 Shelby Parkway

Shelby Township, MI 48315-1787


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