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Pit Tempering Furnaces for Pellet Die Finishing

Dorssers, Inc. has purchased two SECO/WARWICK's pit style air temper furnaces for its manufacturing facility in Blenheim, Ontario, Canada.

Dorssers Inc. manufactures dies with a wide range of specifications depending on production requirements, quality needs and the type of ingredient to be pelletized. The pellet dies are large diameter, hardened steel dies with a multitude of holes gun-drilled for compressing various feed stocks. The environment is harsh, so exact heat treating is a must. The two electric furnaces will be used to temper these dies used in agriculture, waste and pulp industries.

"We have worked with SECO/WARWICK for years and we know they understand our need for rugged furnaces, along with our need for uniformity and precision controls for our expensive dies," said Dorssers President, Peter Timmermans. "We have owned and operated SECO/WARWICK vacuum furnace equipment for many years, and find the control systems to be one of the best on the market."

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