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Phase-Toughened Ceramic Insert Grade

Greenleaf Corporation has announced XSYTIN -1, a new phase-toughened ceramic insert grade complementing its line of ceramic insert cutting tools. "XSYTIN -1 is engineered by Greenleaf to machine more materials than any other ceramic grade in the industry today," said a company spokesperson. "It is designed to mill, turn and groove the most difficult materials on the market at extreme feedrates with the high surface footage of ceramic inserts."

The strongest ceramic insert grade ever produced by Greenleaf, XSYTIN -1 is designed for use in interrupted cuts, removal of scale, roughing, semi-finish and finish cuts in heat-resistant superalloy materials, cast irons, nodular irons, ductile irons, steel alloys and stainless steels.

"The structure of this new phase-toughened ceramic exhibits high wear resistance and outstanding thermal shock resistance, which makes XSYTIN -1 a very predictable, high-performance product," said the spokesperson.

XSYTIN -1 is available now in a wide variety of ANSI/ISO geometries.

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