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New Offset Angle Heads

Koma Precision has introduced a new series of offset angle heads from Alberti. The new series of offset heads feature a combination of high pressure coolant through the main spindle up to 100 bar with increased RPM and a high speed option. "Another big advantage is the possibility of dry running during machining, something that was not available in the past," said a company spokesperson. "The new TOP LINE range heads are a result of Alberti's research and development and attempt to deliver continuous improvement."

All Alberti angle head spindles are manufactured from one solid piece of hardened steel that increases resistance to bending stress by 25%. "This also enables the tools to reach higher RPM without vibrations, thus resulting in higher speed and precision," said the spokesperson. "The unique angular contact bearings ensure perfect concentricity and stability required to achieve higher performance of machining operations. The mechanical seals and gears are researched and developed at the Alberti Engineering and Technology Center."

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