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Catalog Features Positioning Products for Metal Processing Equipment

TigerStop offers its catalog featuring the company's metal processing equipment for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. TigerStop's products include its original TigerStop that positions metal for saws or other metal processing equipment.

SawGear is a portable automated length measuring system that features Crown+MiterPro software that makes it easy to calculate positions for angled or mitered parts.

TigerRack is an automated fence for positioning material up to 720 lbs. with a precision rack and pinion drive system that pushes, pulls and positions heavier loads.

TigerTurbo is a high-speed automated feeder for positioning material, the big brother to the TigerStop for heavier loads for sawing or processing.

TigerStop also manufactures complete saw systems such as the TigerSaw 2000, the TigerSaw Ferrous and the TigerAngle for cutting angles.

The brochure explains the technology and the products offered by TigerStop.

For more information contact:

TigerStop LLC

12909 NE 95th Street

Vancouver, WA 98682


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