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New and Expanded Disc Milling Cutter Options

Seco Tools, LLC has recently introduced additions to its line of disc milling cutters. With the introduction of the 335.14 and 335.16 cutters and the expansion of its 335.25 line, the company's disc milling options now span eight product lines and enable customers to perform grooving, sawing, T-slotting, copy milling, back facing and helical interpolation.

The 335.14 product lines are small-diameter cutters with exchangeable, carbide head systems. Cutter diameters are from 0.38" to 1.36" (9.7 mm to 34.7 mm), and cutting widths are from 0.027" to 0.20" (0.7 mm to 5.15 mm).

The 335.16 cutters are for demanding T-slot operations, including specific insert staggering, and are designed to provide room for optimal chip forming and evacuation. Cutter diameters are from 0.97" to 1.84" (25 mm to 50 mm) and cutting widths from 0.38" to 0.82" (11 mm to 21 mm).

The expanded 335.25 line now features cassettes for 16 mm and 20 mm round insert diameters, making the line ideal for applications involving full- and half-side, and face-milling operations with large corner radii. Cutter diameters are from 4" to 12" (100 mm to 315 mm) and cutting width are from 0.53" to 1.25" (13.5 mm to 32 mm).

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