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Pilz Expands Online Machinery Safety Knowledge Training

Pilz is expanding its worldwide digital training offer for machinery safety.

Pilz is expanding its worldwide digital training offer for machinery safety. With the "International Training Calendar," standardized training courses from Pilz can now be attended live online. The training is also available in regions where Pilz does not currently have a subsidiary. As a result, Pilz makes it easier for customers to access knowledge sharing and gives them greater flexibility for further training in key areas of machinery safety.

As "Ambassador for Safety" and with its long-standing Pilz Academy, Pilz has been bringing machinery safety knowledge to the world. To this end, the Pilz subsidiaries offer appropriate local training, which takes national legislation and the requirements of the respective market into account. The internationally standardized training courses in the "International Training Calendar" enhance Pilz's existing online training taking existing in-plant training courses and redesigning them as online seminars.

"Machine manufacturers and operators alike can benefit from the knowledge of Pilz experts, wherever they are," said a company spokesperson. "Companies wishing to train employees at different sites across the world to the same level of machinery safety also benefit."

In keeping with the Pilz Academy's qualification route, the seminars in the "International Training Calendar" are divided into four levels-from introductory level to expert certification. They cover the principles of machinery safety, as well as specific specialist knowledge of the essential safety requirements. The training sessions always have updated content to address any changes that affect national or international machinery safety standards and directives. The "International Training Calendar" also covers valuable application knowledge for functional safety in accordance with the new EN ISO 13849-1 and EN IEC 62061. The training is provided in English. The seminar program is regularly expanded to include new training courses.

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