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Power Chuck for Heavy-Duty End Milling

BIG DAISHOWA has added the MEGA 12DS to its MEGA DOUBLE POWER CHUCK lineup for heavy-duty end milling. Designed for trochoidal milling with anti-vibration end mills, the MEGA 12DS series features high rigidity and gripping strength and is available in BBT30/40, HSK-A, C for metric and BCV40 for inch.

"The Mega Double Power Chuck system features an expanded contact diameter of the nut to the flange, which provides the highest rigidity-as if the chuck and nut were one solid piece," said a company spokesperson. "This enhanced rigidity helps ensure heavy duty machining without chatter."

The MEGA Series high-speed milling chucks are precision ground and balanced, with all components specifically designed for high-speed applications. Like the full MEGA DOUBLE POWER CHUCK lineup, the MEGA 12DS series enables max. of 30,000 RPM.

A secure, jet-through coolant supply enables improved surface finish, smoother chip evacuation, extended tool life and better cooling and lubrication of tools.

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