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Cooling System for High-Speed Precision Surface Grinders

The new larger FSG-20/24ADIV Series surface grinders offer 20% more efficiency and a table speed of 98 FPM.

Three-in-one cooling system regulates temperature of the spindle, lubrication system and hydraulic system to improve accuracy and stability.

Chevalier offers an innovative three-in-one cooling system on its FSG-20/24ADIV precision surface grinders. The three-in-one cooling system dissipates high temperatures caused by increased table speeds of 98.4 FPM (30 m/min) to improve accuracy and stability while grinding heavy workpieces.

By regulating the machine's spindle temperature, lubrication system and hydraulic system, the three-in-one cooling system maintains a constant temperature to improve operational efficiency.

FSG-20/24ADIV precision surface grinders include several design features to shorten processing and nonprocessing preparation. These include:

  • A redesigned spindle supported by six Class 7 [P4] ultra-precision angular contact ball bearings (four in front, two in rear). The rigid spindle structure is designed to withstand heavy load grinding.
  • A double-layered casting structure to further improve accuracy and rigidity for smooth, stable longitudinal movements.
  • An in-machine dynamic balancing system that adjusts balance weight at the wheel position to reduce grinding vibration to less than 1 µm and eliminate workpiece surface ripples for improved grinding quality.
  • A constant surface speed in dressing and grinding cycles along with loading force detection that eliminates hand balancing.
  • An ergonomic design that simplifies operation and increases work efficiency.

Chevalier's exclusive iMachine Communications System (iMCS) allows remote monitoring and diagnostics to track machine performance and identify potential problems before they arise. Combined with 24/7 data collection, data analysis, alarm history and maintenance, iMCS increases overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) to help eliminate expensive downtime.

The FSG-20/24ADIV iSurface control is a PC-based (NC control), high-specification industrial unit that includes:

  • A user-friendly control station with a 10.4" TFT high-resolution 65,536-pixel color screen with touch panel control interface.
  • High-response AC servo motors on the Y and Z axes to improve accuracy.
  • A variable-frequency drive system that automatically adjusts the grinding wheel's line speed.
  • A magnetic encoder that accurately detects spindle load and correctly adjusts the spindle cutting load.
  • A built-in accelerator gauge to monitor the grinding wheel's balance at all times.

FSG-20/24ADIV precision grinder's accuracy, increased productivity and ease of operation meet current demands and standards required by the automotive, electrical vehicle (EV), aerospace, mining and job shop industries.

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