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Narrowest Indexable Slitting Cutter

ISCAR has introduced the narrow indexable SGST disk slitting cutters featuring 0.024" to 0.063" cutting width and carrying new SLIM-GRIP GFT inserts. The cutting edge is engineered with a 4° positive rake and 7° clearance angle. The positive cutting edge helps minimize cutting forces, which will help the tool excel in steel, stainless steel and high temp alloys and low to medium feed applications.

Two grades are currently available, which will cover the scope of milling applications. ISCAR offers the IC1028, which is designed for roughing applications at low speed, high feed and interrupted cut. The IC1028 is a PVD coated insert with TiALN+TiN coating layers. This provides a high resistance to mechanical and thermal shock. The IC1008 is also a PVD coated insert with TiALN+TiN coating layers, but with a harder piece of carbide that provides better wear resistance. The harder carbide grade is especially suited for high temp alloys, stainless steel and hardened steel.

There are four disk diameters available: 1.260" (four flutes), 1.575" (six flutes), 1.938" (nine flutes) and 2.480" (12 flutes). The diameter range accommodates several cutting depth limits ranging from 0.236" to 0.748". This allows the operators the flexibility to keep the slitting tool as rigid as possible while still machining the required depths.

"The indexable slitting cutter enables ISCAR to run cutting parameters 3x faster than solid carbide and 10x faster than HSS slitting cutters," said a company spokesperson. "So not only does the customer produce parts faster, more efficiently and with higher levels of predictability, they are also able to replace the inserts at their discretion and continue to use the existing cutter body."

The SLIM-GRIP slim slot milling disk cutters are clamped on 0.625", 0.750" and 1.00" cylindrical shanks featuring coolant channels with frontal radially oriented exits. The through-spindle coolant channel supports up to 2,000 PSI and is focused on breaking the heat vapor barrier that is generated during machining operations. The TSC coolant support during milling operations offers better lubrication, which will help provide longer tool life, better surface finish, higher productivity and better chip control.

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