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Expanded Hard-Cut Ball Nose and Torus End Mills Line

EMUGE-FRANKEN has expanded its Hard-Cut Ball Nose and Torus End Mills Line. The series is designed to provide longer tool life and enhanced surface finishes in hard materials.

Over 20 new solid carbide end mills in the EMUGE-FRANKEN Hard-Cut Ball Nose and Torus Line provide high performance milling in materials hardened up to 66-70 HRc, as well as in unhardened steel and cast materials. Due to optimized tool geometry and high-performance solid carbide construction, the new end mills offer up to 60% longer tool life and produce the highest quality surface finishes, the company reported.

Specially optimized for hard machining including roughing, pre-finishing, finishing and high-speed cutting applications, EMUGE-FRANKEN Hard-Cut Ball Nose and Torus End Mills feature new precision cutting edge geometry and concentricity and have a tighter h4 shank tolerance. The Ball Nose End Mill has a diameter tolerance of -0.014 mm and a radius tolerance of -0.007 mm, and the Torus End Mill has diameter tolerance of -0.015 mm with a radius tolerance of +/- 0.005 mm. A new high performance TiAlN tool coating, which is a best performer in internal and customer testing, helps extend tool life.

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