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Gear Shaping and Hobbing Solutions

LC 380 gear hobbing machine with chain conveyor automation

Italian contract gear cutting company Didimo Zanetti S.p.A. uses gear shaping and gear hobbing machines from Liebherr to manufacture gears and shafts. Machine reliability is the key factor here.

For the production of cylindrical gears and shafts, Zanetti uses the LS 380 E and the LC 380, which enable universal contract manufacturing of various workpieces in different batch sizes.

Zanetti has seven Liebherr machines, all equipped with KKB conveyors for automatic loading or robot served. "Compared to other machines, Liebherr machines achieve up to 20% higher productivity, said a company spokesperson. "We produce in three shifts around the clock. For this, we need machines that are absolutely reliable with minimal maintenance requirements. Short set-up times are key, as different workpieces can be flexibly produced in a single clamping operation. Machining larger workpieces is no problem either on the LS 380 E shaping machine with a stroke length of 120 mm."

Collaborative Software Development

The beginning of the collaboration between the two companies started with the joint development of the software for the LS 380 E, which enables asymmetrical lead modifications such as crowning and taper.

"At that time, a beta version of the software already existed at Liebherr, which we then tested extensively," said the Zanetti spokesperson. "With the software, we achieved the perfect workpiece geometry for asymmetrical gear teeth after heat treatment. The results convinced not only us, but also our customer, and ultimately tipped the scales in favor of purchasing the machine."

Zanetti is planning to add an additional LS 380 E in the near future. "At Zanetti, we appreciate the good and personal advice provided by Liebherr and the range of machines and technology that covers all the gear cutting methods in our portfolio," concluded the spokesperson.

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