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New Products, Standards and Information to Solve Manufacturing Problems

EXAIR has released Catalog 35, a full-color technical guide offering innovative solutions to common industrial conveying, cooling, cleaning, blowoff, drying, coating and static electricity problems. The expanded Catalog 35 houses new products, guides, research, certifications and other helpful tools to assist customers in getting the most out of their manufacturing processes.

Catalog 35 provides detailed tables and descriptions on each product, and highlights EXAIR's newest additions. Products like the new and improved Ultrasonic Leak Detector offer increased performance in a sleek new body. New sizes of current solutions like the 1/2 NPT HollowStream Cone Atomizing Nozzle are now available and supplement an extensive line of spray nozzles. Catalog 35 also features ATEX Cabinet Coolers, which were engineered to meet the stringent standards of explosive environments in Zones 2 and 22. A sneak peek of upcoming new products is included.

In addition to new products, Catalog 35 details some of the current standards and certifications EXAIR products meet, as well as best practices to help ensure optimization and safety in a compressed air system. EXAIR products are designed to conserve compressed air and increase personnel safety in the process, so detailed technical explanations, performance data, application photos and dimensional drawings are provided for each product. A price list is also included for reference.

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