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Lyndex-Nikken Appoints U.S. Sales Team Leadership, Regional Sales Representative

Russ Reinhart

John Kusinko

Lyndex-Nikken, manufacturer and provider of high-performance machine tool accessories, has announced the appointment of Russ Reinhart as the company's new U.S. National Sales Manager. Additionally, John Kusinko is the new Regional Sales Representative in New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Eastern Pennsylvania.

These additions further Lyndex-Nikken's commitment to delivering expert knowledge, support and quality tooling solutions to customers in these countries.

"We are thrilled to welcome Russ Reinhart to our team as our new U.S. National Sales Manager. His extensive experience and leadership abilities will be instrumental in delivering exceptional value to our customers," said Harry Kirihara, President at Lyndex-Nikken. "Additionally, adding Regional Sales Representative John Kusinko (New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Eastern Pennsylvania) will enable us to better support the needs of our customers in those regions with optimal tooling and machine tool accessory solutions to enhance their machining accuracy, efficiency and productivity."

Reinhart has over three decades of extensive experience in the metalworking industry and brings a wealth of expertise and leadership to his new role of U.S. National Sales Manager. Throughout his career, Reinhart has demonstrated a firm commitment to excellence and a passion for driving sales growth. His journey in sales began as a sales representative, and through his dedication and outstanding performance, he steadily climbed the ranks to assume roles of increasing responsibility, including sales manager and executive sales management. Reinhart's diverse background in manufacturing encompasses various roles in addition to sales, including welding, machining, metal forming, engineering, project management, product management, as well as distributor management.

His multifaceted skill set and deep understanding of the industry have been instrumental in his success and have positioned him as a trusted leader in the field. Early in his career, Reinhart served with distinction in the U.S. Marine Corps for five years of active duty, where he traveled the world and served in the 1991 Gulf War. His military service instilled in him a strong work ethic, discipline and leadership qualities that have guided him throughout his professional career. Reinhart holds a Master of Science degree in Industrial Technology, with a focus on manufacturing technology, from Eastern Illinois University. His educational background, coupled with his hands-on experience, equips him with a solid foundation of industrial knowledge and expertise.

Kusinko, Regional Sales Representative in New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Eastern Pennsylvania, boasts a prolific career spanning more than two decades in the machine tool industry. His journey commenced with the sale of used and manual machines, where he gained invaluable insights into the intricacies of the trade. Over time, he transitioned seamlessly into the realm of CNC machines, harnessing his innate understanding of evolving technologies to stay ahead of industry trends.

Throughout his tenure, Kusinko has cultivated a diverse repertoire of vertical market knowledge including aerospace, medical, tool and die packaging, defense and job shops. This breadth of experience has afforded him a comprehensive understanding of the nuanced demands and challenges inherent to each sector, equipping him with a unique advantage in providing tailored solutions.

His professional trajectory has been characterized by an unwavering commitment to problem-solving, with a steadfast focus on addressing application-specific needs. He possesses a keen aptitude for optimizing machine and tooling solutions, leveraging his extensive expertise to help customers overcome challenges.

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