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SK Collet Chuck with Advanced Design

Lyndex-Nikken offers SK collet chucks with an advanced design that optimizes machine tool performance.

To solve manufacturers challenges of having to frequently change collet chucks, which increases downtime, or having poor surface finish on workpieces, Lyndex-Nikken designed their SK collet chucks with accuracy and precision in mind. The advanced design of the SK collet chuck provides increased rigidity and gripping force as well as the ability to reach tight spaces.

"Due to a special heat treatment, grinding and custom slotting process enables Lyndex-Nikken to guarantee a 5 micron run-out tolerance for its 'on size' fractional and metric size precision collets," said a company spokesperson. "A titanium nitride (TiN) bearing nut improves rigidity as the uniquely designed gold ring reduces collet damage, reduces micro vibration with the collet flange, and eliminates friction with the collet. It improves the cutting rigidity and the quality of the cut compared to traditional collet chucks."

The taper angle provides increased gripping power as the SK collet chuck's 8° collet seats deeper in the body of the holder, providing double the clamping force and precision than traditional 16° collets, the company reported.

The narrow body of the SK collet chuck allows for access to tight spaces and provides better clearance, making it suited for machining complex parts.

SK collet chucks are also available in Taper Plus, which combines taper accuracy with flange rigidity. Additionally, SK collet chucks are available with coolant through options-a high-pressure coolant collet system allows for higher accuracy and gripping torque.

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Lyndex-Nikken, Inc.

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