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Custom Box Furnace for Small Loads

When a U.S. manufacturer of RF/microwave components needed precision heating to anneal their parts before milling, they turned to Lucifer Furnaces who designed a small box furnace reaching 2,300 °F.

Model HL7-A12 has a 6" x 6" x 12" chamber that is well insulated with a combined 5" hot face insulating firebrick and cold face mineral wool backup. Built with the same quality as larger models, this box furnace is complete with a cast hearth plate to protect the floor insulation and heats with easy-to-replace coiled heating elements in cast assemblies for easy replacement.

Controls include a Honeywell digital time proportioning temperature controller and a TP1 Soak Timer that starts when the furnace reaches setpoint temperature and shuts off the elements at the end of the heating cycle. A Door Safety Switch automatically disengages power to the elements when the door is opened.

This furnace is part of Lucifer's standard, general purpose, Series 7000 Box Furnace line engineered for bringing a customer's heat treating in-house to gain control over work flow and product quality.

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