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Advanced Internal Monitoring for Heating Accuracy

Ambrell's EKOHEAT 2 product line is the next generation of its VPA Technology and was engineered with an innovative internal control power delivery system called Advanced Internal Monitoring.

This proprietary monitoring system comes with an advanced feature set that can enhance process heating accuracy as well as reduce cooling requirements. In addition, by applying the latest semiconductor technologies into the EKOHEAT 2 products, the control and monitoring of output voltage, power and resonant frequency are all digitized, improving process heating efficiencies and responsiveness. The EKOHEAT 2 product line also includes a newly designed, intuitive touchscreen with a comprehensive suite of diagnostics and on-board help videos as well as user manuals in multiple languages.

The initial family of products includes six models with maximum powers from 20 kW to 50 kW over frequencies from 5 kHz to 40 kHz. Additional EKOHEAT models will be introduced throughout 2024. The current line of EKOHEAT products also remains available.

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