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In-House Coating IG3 for Stainless Steels, Heat Resistant Alloys

Introducing IG3, the latest coating solution from Horn USA. Designed to enhance efficiency and performance in stainless steels and heat resistant alloys, IG3 represents a significant advancement in coating technologies, the company reported.

"IG3 sets a new standard for tool life and machine time efficiency, outperforming previous coatings," said a company spokesperson. "With performance comparable to our standard TH3 coating, IG3 offers the added benefit of potentially doubling tool life in certain applications, making it an ideal replacement in existing processes."

Key features of IG3:

  • Enhanced thermal properties optimize productivity in stainless steel and heat resistant alloys.
  • Improved edge adhesion offers reliability even on the sharpest edge geometries.
  • Wide selection available in stock, ready for same-day shipping.

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