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BSF Air Tooling for Automated Back Spotfacing

HEULE Precision Tools will feature at IMTS the newly enhanced BSF Air tooling, the first tooling system designed for automatic back spotfacing using compressed air activation and more, according to the company.

Designed for applications where through coolant activation is not possible, the HEULE BSF Air Tool delivers precision back spotfacing using shop air to activate the tool, thus eliminating the need for through spindle coolant. "This new innovation in HEULE's back spotfacing line of tools helps add another level of accommodation for end users who want to automate their back spotfacing operations, improve cycle times and reduce costs," said a company spokesperson.

This tooling is available from stock at HEULE's warehouse and are suitable for bore diameters of 6.5 mm to 21 mm and counter bores up to 2.3xD.

For more information contact:

HEULE Tool Corporation

131 Commerce Dr.

Loveland, OH 45140


IMTS West Building, Level 3

Booth 431352

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