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Collaborative Manufacturing Platform

"As the concept of the connected and smart factory becomes ever more real and a feasible goal for many manufacturers, Excellerant will be at IMTS 2022 presenting its recently trademarked Excellerant ," said a company spokesperson.

"The Platform is designed to measure and improve a shop's performance by automatically collecting shop data and providing tools to visualize and optimize production," said Excellerant's founder and President John Carpenter.

The essential pillars of the Excellerant include real-time machine data and contextualized operator data. It unifies all manufacturing devices in a secure network that is compliant to most cybersecurity standards, such as the Department of Defense's CMMC mandate. The company's hardware automatically captures uptime, part counts, cycle times and more from modern and legacy machine tools. Since there are so many variants that can affect manufacturing productivity, context is required to fully understand what is happening on the shop floor, the company noted. That kind of downtime information is relayed quickly by the operators using simple reason codes on a tablet-optimized software interface.

Synchronization with a shop's ERP system is a key component of the Platform's collaborative power, keeping both the shop floor and the front office current with the latest production information. "There is also a visual dashboard that delivers important insights at a glance to keep production on track. For example, built-in OEE monitoring makes it simple to see a shop's true performance," said the spokesperson.

"It is all about continuous improvement towards increasing profitability," said Carpenter. "Objective, contextualized data reports focus on the main areas to do just that-machine downtime, performance, and part quality. Shop owners and managers can measure the largest causes of downtime so that those can be eliminated, or at least minimized. Once the corrective actions are in place, the continuous data collection shows how they are working."

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