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Increase Data Integrity and Accuracy

MobileCollect wireless is designed to provide data integrity and accuracy via data inspection in the data collection process.

"MobileCollect transmits measurements wirelessly from any gauge into any software program-from simple spreadsheets to cloud-based SPC applications-in real time and with 100% accuracy, at the press of a button," said a company spokesperson.

MobileCollect is compatible with any data collection software, from Excel spreadsheets to cloud-based solutions, and over 100+ gauge brands and 3,500+ gauge devices are supported. Without compatibility concerns, users can select the best gauge device and software solution for their needs. MobileCollect wireless is used in aerospace, automotive, energy, general manufacturing, etc.

A MobileCollect wireless system consists of Mobile Modules or Remotes (transmitters) and Bases (receivers). With MobileCollect, users can choose from several Mobile Module, Remote and Base options to fit their gauging and measurement collection requirements.

Additional benefits include:

  • One Base (receiver) can connect hundreds of gauges, and users can select the RF channel for communications (15 channels available).
  • 32-bit data encryption for secure transmissions
  • RF Sniffer is built into the RS-232 and USB Bases (receivers) to determine available RF channels.
  • Set-up Program is not required for most configurations, but the product features easy-to-use Windows set-up software when needed.
  • Associate Mobile Module (transmitter) with Base (receiver) in seconds using buttons on Mobile Modules. No operating software is needed.
  • Includes WedgeLink Xpress keyboard wedge software to import data into Excel and other Windows-based applications.

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