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Solutions for Challenging 5-Axis Machining Applications

GROB Systems, Inc. will demonstrate a range of 5-axis machining applications on its compact G350 Generation 2 Universal Machining Center at IMTS booth 431400 (shared booth with YG-1 Tool Co.). Attendees can see how GROB meets the requirements of aerospace, medical and die/mold machining, and GROB personnel will be on-hand to answer specific customer application questions.

GROB machining centers, which are made in the USA at the GROB Systems 400,000 sq. ft. full production facility in Ohio, can include advanced automation solutions for increased productivity. The GROB G350 on display at the show will include a dynamic rotary table with a 200 RPM B-axis with infinite rotation and a maximum rotation of 360° in the A-axis. This G350 Generation 2 machining center is equipped with a Siemens 840D sl control, 16k RPM spindle, 117-tool holding capacity and a HSK-A63 tool interface. The GROB G350 will feature a pyramid fixture holding three parts at once-one each for an aerospace, medical and mold.

Multiple machining demonstrations will be held throughout each day on the G350 5-axis universal machine, and three applications will be featured:

  • Aerospace IBR/blisk segment machined from titanium will showcase the ability to rough and finish on the same machine, resulting in high precision. "Fast and accurate rotary axes will produce an excellent finish on the leading and trailing edge of the blade, and accurate tool-to-tool blending will generate a smooth blade-to-hub blend," said a spokesperson.
  • Medical bone plate machined from titanium will also demonstrate the ability to rough and finish on the same machine to produce a complete part in one set-up. The finished part will be held by two small tabs, so part removal by hand is fast and easy. With the GROB G350 machine's part accessibility via its tapered spindle nose and positive angle reaching capability, challenging features can easily be reached.
  • Injection mold machined out of P20 mold steel has many adjoining part features that require high machine accuracy for smooth surface blending. The G350 machining center's horizontal spindle design and multiple coolant functions will also prevent the recutting of chips during the machining of a pocket feature.

For more information contact:

GROB Systems, Inc.

Machine Tool Division

1070 Navajo Drive

Bluffton, OH 45817


West Building, Level 3

Booth 431400

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