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Machine Tools and Productive Robotics

Absolute Machine Tools, together with Productive Robotics, will exhibit their entire lineup of collaborative robots (cobots) in booth 338519.

"To give attendees a better understanding of just how easy it is to use and integrate these robots into their manufacturing processes, there will be an area designated for free play, allowing attendees to get hands-on experience with how simple and safe these cobots are," said a spokesperson.

The four different OB7 cobots in the series are engineered to handle a variety of payloads and sizes while accomplishing simple to complex tasks. "In light of the current skills gap and employment shortage, cobots are playing a vital role in manufacturing operations now more than ever since manufacturers are having to think outside the box to maintain productivity," said the spokesperson.

Fully compliant with ISO 102018-1 industrial robot safety requirements, OB7 cobots can perform operations ranging from machine tending, deburring, applying adhesives, painting, welding and assembly without the need for expensive space inhibiting fencing to isolate them from human coworkers. To facilitate application, these cobots are built with a true 7th axis inside the unit's arm, rather than 6 axes.

"Most cobots on the market today are built with only 6 axes or include rails or other accessories to claim a seventh axis," said the spokesperson. "The 7th axis on an OB7 is built-in and true and allows the cobot to be positioned at the side of the machine door, so as to not block operator access to the work envelope for changing things like tooling or inserts. Also, this eliminates the need to move the robot and have to redetermine the proper pick or way points again, which saves time and money."

Because OB7 cobots are programmed on a "teach" platform, they require no coding or programming. Any shop personnel can teach the cobot new tasks by simply manually moving the arm of the cobot and dragging and dropping tiles on the control tablet interface. Pre-programmed tiles are also readily available in the OB7 tablet, and custom job functions for complex or repetitive tasks can be created and then labeled and saved for future recall. The OB7's computer controls all axis joints and components, and network ports are locked to prevent unauthorized access. A rolling stand with integrated casters enhances portability and usability, and an assembly table on the stand provides a work surface for stacking blanks and collecting finished parts, allowing for constant and continuous production of product.

OB7 CNC Packages come equipped with a standard end-effector or end-of-arm single parallel gripper that can be applied in hundreds of production applications. An adapter plate can be added with a second parallel gripper, providing for dual gripping for fast finished parts and new material changes. OB7 cobots are also compatible with most end-effectors and end of arm tooling attachments. Users can adjust gripping force, speed and opening position manually or automatically through the tablet.

Collaborative capability can be adjusted to fit specific production situations. When running at safe speeds, no guarding is required. To operate at higher speeds and prevent collisions, an optional laser safety scanner is available that has a 270° detection range and maintains a 5 m protection zone and a warning zone of 20 m.

Ongoing software updates enhance the cobots' connectivity, expedite efficient integration with other equipment and facilitate real-time status monitoring with email and text alerts. Productive Robotics cobots are made in the USA, allowing users to benefit from fast, reliable technical support and services.

"Productive Robotics products, such as this OB7 line of cobots, support Absolute Machine Tools' commitment to providing affordable easy-to-use automation solutions to all sizes of manufacturers and allows for the ability to upskill the workforce they currently employ. OB7 removes the need for continuing repetitive tasks that often harm shop employees or make them get tired of the job they are doing. Instead, OB7 allows these employees to perform other more valuable added tasks and responsibilities that give them pride in the work they do. Everyone knows that finding employees is difficult, so manufacturers truly need to consider improving the skills of those employees already loyal and working hard, allowing them to increase their pay and self-worth, so why not give them the tools to do so? I believe implementing an OB7 cobot is a good place to start," said Courtney Ortner, Director of Marketing for Absolute Machine Tools' A+ Automation Team.

LoadMate Plus Machine Tending Robotics Cell

Absolute Machine Tools A+ Automation Team will also co-exhibit the LoadMate Plus Machine Tending Robotics Cell with partner Mitsubishi Electric Automation (MEA). This automated robot machine tending cell will be demonstrated live with the Absolute Machine Tools Seiki KT-420L CNC Mill/Drill/Tap Center.

Designed and built as a joint project between MEA and Absolute Machine tools to fill the gap between cobots and industrial robot automation cells, the Mitsubishi LoadMate Plus Machine Tending Robotics Cell is a compact, heavy-duty portable robotic cell that can handle payloads up to 20 kg with reaches up to 1,388 mm. It can be integrated in one step to CNC machines using MEA's Direct Robot Control function.

Capable of loading, unloading and palletizing parts in any low-to-high volume mix application, the LoadMate Plus plug & play robotic cell offers the high strength of industrial robots in a safe, contained cell. Several Mitsubishi vertical robot models, including all RV07, RV-8, RV-13 and RV-20 series, have been tested and proven within the cell's enclosure. Its portability makes it easy to add an automation function to a variety of CNC applications, increasing throughput and saving valuable time.

At IMTS 2022, the Mitsubishi LoadMate Plus will be integrated to Absolute Machine Tools' Seiki KT-420L Mill/Drill/Tap Center. The cell is intended to show attendees how affordable and simple automation can be achieved. The Seiki KT-420L is built standard with Mitsubishi M80A control with dedicated CNC CPU, enabling rapid processing speeds and assuring seamless integration with the LoadMate Plus cell and robotics. Featuring a moving column/fixed table design with rotary pallet changer, the machine's built-in rotary-type APC unit is located at the front of the machine for easy access. The machine exchanges fixed tables in 4.5 seconds using a hydraulic cylinder to rotate the pallet and a Hirth coupling hydraulic clamping mechanism to clamp the pallet in place without lifting for greater repeatability.

"Absolute Machine Tools is a Diamond Partner of Mitsubishi Electric Automation and co-creator of the LoadMate Plus, so it makes perfect sense to demonstrate our successful collaboration on a working CNC machine tool at IMTS 2022," said Ortner. "We invite people looking for something a little heavier than a cobot-without the complexity of an industrial robot, clunky caging and lengthy conveyors-to stop by the booth and take a look. Absolute's A+ Automation Team's goal is to provide affordable smart automation solutions for all size manufacturers."

LICO LNT51S-S4 12-Axis Multi-slide CNC Screw Machine

Absolute Machine Tools will also demonstrate the LICO LNT51S-S4 12-axis multislide CNC screw machine.

"An alternative to aging screw machines, Absolute Machine Tools applications engineers will show how multislide CNC screw machines can outperform conventional CNC lathes and even cam-operated screw machines," said the spokesperson. "Not only are the LICO machines fast, but they address many of the factors that make cam-operated screw machines challenging, such as aging machines, lack of skilled labor, maintenance issues, safety standards and more."

The demo will present the alternative LICO LNTS series of 12-axis CNC screw machines, which feature multiple overlapping slides that can meet or exceed machining speed, quality and versatility found in cam-driven machines, the spokesperson noted. Each machine in the series can use up to five tools simultaneously in the cut and each slide is capable of full 2-axis servo-controlled travel.

Every LNTS unit comes standard with a turret-mounted pickoff counter-spindle and a gang platform with three backworking tools. The eight-position main turret position utilizes VDI-30 toolholders and can accept live tooling in any position. Spindle sizes range from 36 mm (1.4") to 65 mm (2.55"). Every unit comes equipped with a 1,000 PSI high pressure oil/water coolant pump and toolholders for all cross-slides and turret positions, including two radial and two axial live tools. Every model offers an optional eight position static backworking turret.

For more information contact:

Absolute Machine Tools, Inc.

7420 Industrial Parkway

Lorain, OH 44053

800-852-7825 / 440-960-6911

IMTS South Building, Level 3

Booth 338519

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