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Highlights in Technological Advancements

"Maintaining the technological edge of HAIMER products is very important to the company, so much so that HAIMER invests between 8% and 10% of revenue back into research and development," said a company spokesperson. "This was a big year of technological advancements at HAIMER, so below is a quick recap of what was released."

Duo-Lock ER and Shrink Fit Collets

Duo-Lock, HAIMER's modular cutting tool system, maximizes a carbide tool's productivity in roughing and finishing applications. It provides high load capacity and rigidity when machining at high metal removal rates. The new Duo-Lock ER collets allow for quick tool changes in turning machines and live-driven tools with enhanced Z-axis repeatability. Tool changes happen within 30 seconds, which reduces the amount of downtime of the machine.

"With the HAIMER Shrink Fit ER Collets, machinists can start immediately making good parts. No in-machine presetting is needed once it is inserted because it can be done outside the machine on the HAIMER Power Clamp Air i4.0 with Preset," said the spokesperson.

Power Clamp Air i4.0 and Nano NG i4.0

HAIMER recently debuted two new power clamp shrink fit machines to the market: the compact Power Clamp Air i4.0 and the Nano NG i4.0.

"Both are true specialists in their particular applications. The Power Clamp Air i4.0 enables a even and clean cooling for all kinds of shrink fit chucks and shrink fit collets, regardless of the outside contour, by air nozzles-without dirt and water residue," said the spokesperson.

The Power Clamp Nano NG i4.0 was specially developed for shrink fit collets and small toolholders up to size HSK-A63. The shrinking process is horizontal, with a fully automated motor coil and air-cooling.

Steep Taper Chucks with Face Contact

HAIMER now offers all steep taper chucks with face contact, which provide higher stability due to additional support at the flange face. Already available in stock are shrink fit chucks and power collet or high precision collet chucks with face contact for the BT30, BT40 and BT50 interfaces.

Shrink Automation Cube

At EMO 2021, the HAIMER Shrink Automation Cube made its worldwide debut. The automated shrinking station can shrink and unshrink tools O 6 - 16 mm with accurate length repeatability. There is a conveyor belt and a cobot that allows machinists to achieve maximum productivity.

Optional TD i4.0

The HAIMER Tool Dynamic balancing system offers a complete system for balancing toolholders, tools and grinding wheels. Completing the full line of Industry 4.0 ready machines is the HAIMER TD i4.0 option. This machine can allow direct transmission for maximum RPM to the control system of the machine tool.

High Precision Clamp Master

With the High Precision Clamp Master, HAIMER has added a flexible clamping system for round shanks that is ideal for tool grinding machines. This product is designed for highly accurate, simple and safe clamping of round shank blanks for automated loading and allows for simplified collet change for maximum time savings. No runout adjustments are necessary anymore!

Application Center 360

HAIMER now offers 360° tours of the Application Center 360°, a virtual twin of the physical Application Center in Igenhausen, Germany. "The combination of sophisticated 360° photos and videos with web design and modern video communication technology truly makes this platform a unique experience that visitors can experience for free," said the spokesperson.

On the welcome page of the Application Center 360°, visitors can either decide to start a self-guided tour, where they will navigate through the room independently, or choose a guided tour with a HAIMER expert. The latter offers the opportunity to combine the visit with a personalized video consultation and individual communication from a HAIMER representative in their area via webcams.

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