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Grip Pallet System Addition to Adhesive Workholding Lineup

Blue Photon Grip Pallet System: 150 mm square aluminum pallet (P/N 96770) with five large head-in grippers for a 52 mm quick change receiver.

Blue Photon has expanded its product line by adding five Grip Pallets and three new inserts for 52 mm and 96 mm quick change receiver systems. The add-on allows for holding more applications using existing fixturing systems in machining centers. New Blue Photon Grip Pallets are designed to simplify how parts are loaded, reduce scrap and increase spindle up-time.

Blue Photon 150 mm, 225 mm and 300 mm square pallets offer quick change and adhesive workholding of complex and hard-to-hold parts for EDM, grinding, inspection, laser and milling operations. These new pallets can hold parts securely, providing increased machining access on five to six surfaces while using standardized fixturing systems already in place.

Blue Photon's patented grippers are inserted into new external inserts designed specifically for the Grip Pallets. The external inserts are available for use with small, medium and large grippers. The inserts allow for simple installation of the grippers at the required height for maximum holding power. The 150 mm square pallet is available in aluminum and steel with a 52 mm pattern for a quick-change receiver that will hold up to nine grippers. The 225 mm square pallet is available in aluminum and steel with a 96 mm pattern for a quick-change receiver that will hold up to 21 grippers. The 300 mm square pallet is available in aluminum with a 96 mm pattern for a quick-change receiver that will hold up to 33 grippers. Each Grip Pallet includes two handles with multiple color choices and four spacers with a 25.4 mm standoff, allowing for the recommended nominal of 1 mm joint thickness between gripper and part. Clamp studs are optional and available for both 52 mm and 96 mm patterns for 5th axis, Jergens, Lang and Mate systems.

The adhesive workholding process involves applying proprietary BlueGrip workholding adhesive to the grippers and curing through the grippers from the backside of the Grip Pallet with ultraviolet light for 60 seconds. By using grippers and eliminating clamps on top of the part, enhanced cutting tool access is achieved. Part removal is quick and easy with a 1/4 turn twist of the gripper or hot water soak. Residual adhesive is simply removed by using a handheld steamer or a hot water soak and a light peeling action. Any part that is at risk of distortion from traditional clamping or poses complications in fixture design are a potential candidate for the technology.

Blue Photon's workholding products are designed to hold parts that are otherwise difficult to hold on to and to eliminate operations. Hard-to-hold parts and delicate materials are particularly suited to Blue Photon's workholding technology. Blue Photon's adhesive workholding solves struggles by eliminating scrap and rework caused by poor clamping, ensuring that the surface integrity of the part is not affected. Blue Photon offers workholding for applications in the additive, aerospace, ceramic, job shop, optical and medical machining industries.

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