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Tooling Innovations to Increase Productivity

At IMTS 2022 in booth 431900, CERATIZIT USA will highlight the company's new Dragonskin coating, multifunctional EcoCut tools and a four-flute solid carbide drill, along with an in-process machine monitoring and optimization system. "Individually and collectively, these advancements help manufacturers enhance their quality, productivity and output," said a company spokesperson.

CERATIZIT's Dragonskin multilayer coating is designed to lower heat and lessen tool wear. To prevent cutting edge waste and detect wear more easily, the gold-colored TiN outer layer of the Dragonskin multilayer CVD Ti(C,N)/Al2O3/TiN coating acts as an indicator. It enables users to identify wear clearly and index before a breakage while it prevents sharp cutting edges from going unused or an insert being discarded prematurely. A mechanical post-coating treatment produces beneficial residual stress in the coating for increased process security.

At IMTS, CERATIZIT will feature EcoCut and WTX-HFDS tools with the Dragonskin coating for enhanced performance and wear resistance. The multifunction EcoCut solid-carbide and insert tools are designed to reduce set-up time and increase productivity with support for four separate machining processes: drilling, with stationary or rotating tools or for turning face, inner and outer contours. EcoCut Classic, Mini and ProfileMaster versions address various diameters and bores for high performance in steel, stainless steel and high-temperature materials.

"As the industry's first four-flute solid carbide drill, the CERATIZIT WTX-HFDS features an innovative pyramid-point geometry that distributes cutting forces equally to all cutting edges for longer tool life along with precise, aggressive performance in steel and other materials," said the spokesperson. The Dragonskin coating reduces the coefficient of friction and heat. Cooling via four continuous internal spiral coolant holes helps retain core stability for effective performance and reduced tool costs, while four chip flutes provide quick evacuation. Low burr formation on hole entries and exits eliminates the need for secondary processing.

As part of Industry 4.0 digital connectivity and process optimization, CERATIZIT will demonstrate its ToolScope system for digital monitoring and control of machining operations. The system records a continuous stream of signal data generated by machine tools during production, then visualizes the data for machine monitoring and adjustment. Real-time identification of deviations from process control enables automatic optimization of manufacturing processes. Such monitoring can prevent overloads, and machine protection immediately triggers an emergency stop for any impact collisions. Full capture of tool life and machining-time data clarifies tool wear and machine downtime, with full control of workpiece parameters to help ensure part quality.

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