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Four Lathes to Debut at IMTS

Kingston Machine Tool is gearing up to showcase five heavy-duty lathes at IMTS this year. Four of these machine tools will be making their first trade show appearance: a CJ-22120 (22" x 120") CNC flat bed teach lathe, a one-of-a-kind custom-painted HJ-1100 (17" x 43") engine lathe, an HD-26120 (26" x 120") engine lathe and a 7" bore HP-3000 (34" x 120") engine lathe.

Kingston's CJ-22120 (22" x 120") CNC teach lathe (3.125" bore) features a new conversational Kingston app on a FANUC 0iTF Plus controller. "We have been wanting to get our CJ teach lathe out in front of people," said Eric Anderson, VP of Sales. "We are excited about this particular size because it is a little longer and larger than our competitor's offerings while still being very affordable. This one we put a V8 turret on, but you can also choose an H4 turret or rock an Aloris quick change toolpost. Ideal for a machine shop transitioning to CNC and for technical schools that train machinists, the CJ-22120 and its intuitive conversational interface are a perfect bridge between manual skills and actual CNC programming."

Four years ago, Kingston made an impression at IMTS by bringing a hot pink HJ-1100 (17" x 43") engine lathe as part of a breast cancer awareness drive. "The HJ-1100 remains our most popular model, and this year we will be featuring one with a slick cobalt blue paint job and custom hot-rod pinstriping. We are having fun modifying these HJs for the show," said Kingston President Karen Lin. "There were not any photos of this pinstriped blue one at press time, so IMTS attendees should be sure to keep their eyes open for this one-of-a-kind beauty."

Other engine lathes making their IMTS debut include the HD-26160 (26" x 160", 4" bore) and HP-3000 (34" x 120", 7.1" bore).

"We have never shown either one of these at IMTS, but we think it is about time," said Anderson. "We have been getting a lot of HD-26160 love lately as customers transition to longer bedways."

The HD-26120 features a D1-11 spindle nose, 2 TPI lead screw and 15 HP motor. The classic machine-green HP-3000 features an A2-15 spindle nose, 30 HP motor, rear chuck adapter and hydraulic brake. "The HP is unique in that it has larger and beefier headstock designed to accommodate its 7-inch spindle. It is not just a lighter-duty lathe with a 4-inch spindle swapped out for a 6. I think visitors will definitely notice the difference," said Anderson.

Finally, Kingston will be showing its IMTS veteran CL38C x 2000 (26" x 80", 7.3" bore) flat bed CNC lathe. The CL38 is equipped with a powerful 30 HP spindle motor, FANUC 0iTF Plus controller, sub-spindle tailstock ready to mount a chuck and V8 and H6 servo turrets. "It is extremely popular in the oil patch, especially for threading casing and tubing," said Lin. "We are offering show discounts on all of our IMTS machines this year, but we are extending a 10% discount on this particular CL38, which just came in. I figure it has been four years since our last IMTS so we should celebrate a little."

"We are definitely looking forward to reconnecting with old friends and introducing new friends to what we do at Kingston," added Anderson.

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